Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi

You probably get asked this loads Mr FS but what supplements do you use? I'm only on the basics! Fish oil, green tea, zinc, protein etc! What would you say is absolutely essential to achieve your gains? What do ya recommend for help with energy increase? Thanks in advance mate! And amazing blog as always! Mrs FS should start signing autographs! Hint! Haha Cheers


I take a pre workout, and then as I’m working out I have a shaker with Carbion, creatine, and aminos. Karbolic is also a good carb source. I don’t really eat a lot of carbs, and when I do it’s around my workouts. And then I use protein powders Mayne once or twice a day. Oh also get a good greens powder. I think veggies are gross, so I use That supplement instead.
As far as energy, my job has me up sometimes for several days at a time, I’m constantly drinking low carb Monsters and Rockstar. For the normal person a good pre workout is more than enough. Just remember supplements won’t really help unless your diet is in check, that’s number 1.


Finally made my squirting video. ;) It’s not the best quality, and I apologize for that. But this is for getting me to 3k! Without all of you I wouldn’t be as confident (or sexually frustrated ;)) Hope yall enjoy! ;) 

Sorry I couldn’t be louder. I had to be quiet because my mom was home.

Also: I apologize for my fat rolls, razor bumps, and my face as well. ;)


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